About Us


Twice As Hard Apparel is about medicine and social activism. Our company serves and supports underrepresented minority physicians, and their allies, who have found themselves grappling with rampant social injustice and disenfranchisement.
A common theme in minority medical networks is the concept that minority physicians have to work twice as hard to be a doctor, having twice the hustle to be a community pillar, and having twice the grind to be an activist.
During the last year, more of us have become aware of the intersections connecting medicine, social justice, and community activism--especially for physicians of color. We are particularly moved by the doctors who have positioned themselves on the front lines of the Black Lives Matter protest.  We want to amplify and expand that message--and offer new ways for healthcare workers to show their pride in the healthcare field.
We also highlight the work of those who are allies to minority communities and find themselves working twice as hard during times of destructive rhetoric and attacks on our civil rights. 
We hope to incorporate these ideas into our apparel and highlight the pride we take in our activism in medicine.  We focus on our Black-owned, Black-lived, and uniquely celebrated experience in medicine. Thank you so much for believing in our vision, and amplifying your voice with #TwiceAsHard #ActivismInApperal